Beaujolais Nouveau Auckland 2016

Let’s join Le Chef on Upper Vulcan Lane & O’Connell Street and feel like you’re in France for an awesome night…

After our success Beaujolais Nouveau 2015 & La longue table du chef in march, it’s time to take over Vulcan lane to create the biggest french street event of NZ !
On the 3rd Thursday of November (17/11/2015), as part of the famous french tradition, the time has come to celebrate the arrival of the BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU wine!

Le Chef, Touquet Restaurant & Alliance Française, 3 mains French players of Auckland, will work together & will especially privatized the Upper Vulcan Lane & a side of O’Connell Street for this French party from 6.30pm to midnight
What’s on the program?

Wine degustation of course!
->Try the brand new Beaujolais Nouveau 2016, freshly arrived by plane from France!
->Broaden your french wine culture thanks to our sommeliers

Make your senses travel to France with some of our fine food!
-> French Cheese Plate
-> French Charcuterie
-> French Meal that our chefs from Le Chef & Touquet will cook on site

And so much more…
–> Get entertain with our shows all night with live accoustic music band. Let’s share a moment of French culture all together in the heart of the city!

Do not forget the dress code ! RED & WHITE ! Entrance will be $30, ticket including a glass of beaujolais and a cheese & charcut platter. As beaujolais nouveau is beaujolais nouveau, it will be a “Shine & Rain” event !

Tickets only available online – no tickets will be sold at the door. +18 event.

Abusing alcohol is dangerous for your health.
Intoxicated people will not be served.
Think about your own safety and the others.



New menu and a great review !

Hello there,

We have not been able to update our blog for quite a long time now ! I guess we have all been really busy during Christmas as this food and chocolate can not just be eaten by itself. A small break as well has been a good occasion for Le Chef team to travel a little bit around South Island, visit some of the vineyards we are selling the wine from and get to know the team and the story behind it. And of course have some cooking competition in some of the DOC hut in Mount Cook !

Anyway we are back on it now and we have quite a few updates for you:

A new menu:

Since this is the beginning of the month please have a look at our new menu using only the freshest seasonal products. I would particularly recommend the “Faux-Filet du Chef pour deux” with its absolutely divine little vegies ! Of course it will be a crime not to order the Tomatoes Mozzarella as a starter and the “French cheese selection” to finish a great lunch/dinner ! You will also probably need a little bit of help with that so make sure you have a glass of Pinot Noir during while you eat and perhaps some Chardonnay for the appetizer.

A new review:

It has been a pleasure for us to receive Jesse Mulligan with his dad in our restaurant who give us a really good critic which you can see here.

An interview from our Chef:

We are really proud of our chef Grant, who was present during the māori festival last week end in Auckland and gave some food presentation to the public “taking the traditional and creating something that they can do at home” he said. You can have a look at his interview on the māori tv website.

More parties to come:

Last but not least and I am sure you are waiting for them, the french parties will continue all summer at Le Chef, so if you are keen for some crazy french experience do not hesitate to join us for the next one on Friday the 5th. More information on the Facebook event page.

Please make sure you learn the paquito before you come down there 😉

Beaujolais Nouveau street party

Bonjour tout le monde,
G’day guys,

You are not dreaming, after a lot of work we have managed to organise the first Beaujolais nouveau street party in Auckland ! It will be held in our new restaurant in Le Chef Vulcan lane in partnership with Air France, Maison Vauron and Alliance Francaise Auckland.

As we do our best to make you travel through our menu all over France month after month, we thought now was the time to give you a taste of the famous Beaujoulais nouveau which is celebrated every year in France and around the world.

At le Chef we take pride in sticking to what we used to do back home, and that’s why, for the occasion the Upper Vulcan Street will be closed from 6pm to midnight, so you can experience some french wine the french way ! Of course we will be serving some french food during the whole time of the event and you can be sure we will be playing some of the best french hits!!!! It is also a good occasion for you to come and practise your french if you dare 😉

Here is the program:

  • Try the brand new Beaujolais nouveau 2015, freshly arrived by plane from France!
  • Broaden your french wine culture thanks to our sommeliers
  • Make your senses travel to France with some of our fine food!
  • French Crêpes
  • French Cheese Plate
  • French cold cuts (charcuterie)
  • French meals that our chef will cook on site
  • Live acoustic music band
  • Amazing French CanCan girls and their show

Hostility will start at 6pm on Thursday the 19th of November, so do not hesitate to come after a hard day of work and celebrate with us both the wine and the upcoming week end.

You can buy ticket online on iTicket

Spring / Summer menu at Vulcan

Hello everyone,

Exciting time here in New Zealand after such a great game yesterday for the rugby world cup final. Le Chef and Le Rendez-Vous café woke up early on Sunday morning to prepare french pastries and excellent coffee before some of you guys decided to get a pint at 8am in the morning ( we do not judge anyone here 😉 ).

We can not wait to go and celebrate with you guys for the parade which should be held next weekend, and if any of the All Blacks players are keen to get a free meal we will treat them as they deserve 🙂 We will even get them some extra creamy French cheese, looks like they’ve loved it during this RWC.

As we do not spend all of our time watching rugby games our chef came up with a new menu for the end of spring and beginning of the summer. You can come and delight yourself in our restaurant in Vulcan Lane. The menu for Victoria Street will be made available as soon as possible since it will closed after lunch time at the moment.

As usual we kept some of the things that you guys absolutely love, like “Le dessert du pirate” or the “Taste sensation plate”. But no worries, the mains and entrees have evolved so you can make your taste bud travel to France while staying here in Auckland.

For lunch time we are now proposing you some fresher options (salads) to cope with the heat which we hope will come soon enough,and in case you are hungry you can enjoy a tasty and juicy burger prepared with our homemade bread & steak.

After a hard working day, you should come and visit us for a well deserved glass of wine from our wine list, and order some finger foods for the favorite moment of the day in France “L’apéro”. We invite you to try a glass of “Ricard” which is a french liquor, this will go perfectly well with some “Olives and Bread” or a “Terrine de campagne”.

If this opened your appetite this will then be time for real food !! You may know, that we french people love eating strange things, so it is maybe time for you to have some of our really tasty and fresh snails sauteed with mushrooms. We promise you this THE thing 🙂 It is also an option to go for the cold crayfish cream or the stuffed tomatoes if you are a little less adventurous.

Now that you are settled in french cuisine it is time to dive into the mains, we have selected various range of meats. So delight yourself with some excellent NZ Lamb cooked in a french way with seasonal vegetables, or taste our stewed Monkfish with mushrooms and asparagus. For the meat lover we have an eye fillet cooked as you wish ( we recommend medium/rare ) served with our famous gratin dauphinois and its red wine sauce. Last but not least try our “Poussin en croute” for an unconventional meal.
If you are veggie lover we will be happy to propose you some vegetarian lasagnas. As we have always done it, we adapt to your food allergies and preferences so please let us know before you order.

If you are still hungry after that it will be time for some french cheese selections or some sweet things, do not miss our “Creme Brulée” this will end your dinner on a positive note.

We really hope to see you soon in Vulcan lane to come and discover our new menu ! Do not hesitate to leave us a review on the social media to tell us what you liked.

Have a great week.
Le Chef’s Team
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French Halloween, sauvons Amuse geule radio !

Come an join us on Halloween night, Saturday the 31st from 6pm to 1am at Le Chef in Upper Vulcan Lane. The party will be a good way to enjoy Halloween in a French way. This is also the occasion to make a fund raising for Amuse Gueule Radio, the only french radio in Auckland !!!!

As usual during our parties we have lowered the price of some drinks so even if that’s the end of the month you can still enjoy a few drinks with your friends, or even make new one!!!! Who knows your next french partner might come there that night 😉

French music will be played all night long as usual so you can dance on all the great classics. Kiwis are more than welcome this is one of the occasion to give you a taste of french parties before you decide to book your next flight to Paris. We will also be having few more surprises.

We will be offering Pastis at $5.5 a glass. If you feel a bit hungry after that you can also order a platter of cured meat for the same price.

Entrance price is only $2 and is to be paid at the entrance of the restaurant.

A loto ($1) will also be organised for the best costume, and you can win some activity reductions passes and vouchers for Le Chef Restaurant.

So do not hesitate and come join us at the Le Chef Upper Vulcan Lane for a crazyyyyyy party, you can find more information and the latest news on the event page on Facebook.


Heart of the city review

It is an exciting time at Le Chef ever since we opened our first cafe ( Le Rendez Vous ), which lead us to open our first Le Chef inside the Empire tavern.

Critics have been really constructive and we are always doing our maximum to give both the best service to our customers along with the freshest and tastiest food. We always stick to our principle which is to use seasonal products and this is why our menu change every month.

After a lot of hard work we have now been able to open our second restaurant two months ago right in the middle of the CBD and it is always nice that this hard works pay off today with a really positive review from heart of the city.

If you liked our food and service do not hesitate to let the world knows, we always enjoy your critics. If we can do better we are also available to hear what you have to say, our main goal is to make our customers the happiest we can.

Enjoy your day and come for a drink tonight at Le Chef in one of our two locations.